SmartStormer Innovative Thinking & Idea Generation eCourse

In this 5-session, learn-at-your-own-pace online course, you will be introduced to an empowering new process for unlocking your innovative thinking skills and strengthening your ability to generate fresh, creative ideas whenever you need them—whether you’re working on your own or in a group.

You will learn a set of proven innovative thinking principles, tools and techniques that will provide you with greater confidence, and allow you to generate ideas far more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

This program is ideally suited for individuals who work in marketing, advertising, media, communications, product and industrial design, technology, sales, entrepreneurs, business owners—in fact, anyone, in any field, that strives to think outside the box; become more proficient at developing innovative ideas for new products, services, processes, or solutions; and take their creative problem solving skills to new levels.

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Today we all live and work in a rapidly-changing, innovation-driven world.

Many people think of "innovation" as something that applies only to large organizations. But in fact, every one of us, no matter what industry we work in or what our job function may be, is under continuous pressure to deliver fresh, new, creative solutions to our customers, clients or employers—on a regular basis—or risk becoming irrelevant.

In fact, did you know that when surveyed, CEOs from around the world ranked "creative thinking" as the #1 leadership quality necessary for success in business today?

Your personal success, and the success of your team, organization, or business depends on your ability to consistently come up with fresh, new ideas.

But it’s no secret that many people feel insecure about their ability to generate valuable ideas, or feel self-conscious, or under pressure when called upon to contribute ideas in a group brainstorming session. The creative problem solving skills so essential for innovative thinking are typically not taught in our educational system.

So an important question to ask yourself is, “How confident and skillful an idea generator do you feel you are? Do you have what it takes to produce innovative ideas on a consistent basis?”

The SmartStormer Innovative Thinking and Idea Generation eLearning program can help you unlock your creative problem solving genius, and learn to generate bigger, better ideas whenever you need them.

Ideas that can help you…

  • solve difficult business challenges
  • improve products, services or processes
  • quickly respond to competition and changing market conditions
  • take advantage of new opportunities


What You Will Learn

This 5-session eLearning course is an adaptation of the acclaimed, full-day SmartStormer live training program… now offered for the first time in a convenient, online format that allows you to learn at your own pace.

The SmartStormer Innovative Thinking and Idea Generation eLearning program includes…

  • 5½ hours of lessons and exercises
  • over 60 easy-to-learn, instructional videos
  • 5 proven idea-generation techniques (with instructions and exercises)
  • 2 self-assessments
  • quizzes to test your knowledge
  • The SmartStormer ideation session planner
  • 36-page Course Guide
  • personalized Certificate of Completion

This program is specifically designed to teach you how to be more confident, more knowledgeable, and more effective when generating ideas on your own, and when working in team or large group.

You'll learn specific skills and proven techniques, designed to make the idea-generation process easier and more productive than ever before.


Session 1: The Innovation Imperative

In Session 1 you’ll learn…

  • just what innovation is
  • why innovation has become the new “Darwinism” in business
  • the 3 most common approaches to innovation
  • why today, innovation and innovative thinking are so important to you and your personal or business success.
  • 3 powerful exercises to strengthen your innovative thinking abilities
  • the secret to generating a large quantity of new ideas quickly and easily


Session 2: What is Creativity?

In Session 2 we demystify the creative thinking process. In this session, you will...

  • gain a deeper understanding of your own, innate creative problem solving abilities
  • discover the 5 important characteristics you share with the world’s greatest creative thinkers
  • learn how to be more confident in your ability to generate new, more innovative ideas, for tackling tough challenges
  • a powerful technique that helps you use your power of associative thinking to make new connections, gain new insights, and identify new solutions or opportunities


Session 3: Becoming an Effective Idea Generator

Session 3 reveals what you actually have to do, in order to consistently generate innovative ideas. You’ll learn about…

  • the different types of ideas, and why each is valuable
  • where ideas actually come from
  • the 4 most common impediments to idea generation
  • 6 action steps you can take to liberate your fullest creative problem solving potential
  • an eye-opening self-assessment that will help you identify areas where you can strengthen your confidence and creative problem-solving skills
  • a proven-effective 7-in-1 creative problem-solving tool that helps you tackle any challenge or opportunity in new and innovative ways


Session 4: A Five-Step Process for Super-Charging Your Idea Generation Abilities

In Session 4 you’ll learn everything you need to know, to generate innovative, game-changing ideas, whenever you need them.

  • how to clarify and gain a deeper understanding about the challenges you’re trying to solve
  • where to find new sources of inspiration
  • how using proven idea generation techniques will dramatically increase your effectiveness
  • how to manage your thinking abilities for greater creativity and productivity
  • how to more quickly and effectively evaluate and select your very best ideas.
  • how to use our powerful idea-generation session planner—to ensure you’re organized and efficient every time you need to generate ideas
  • a special technique to help you break through the barriers of conventional thinking to redefine what’s possible


Session 5: Generating Ideas as Part of a Team or Large Group

And because everyone—managers, team leaders and members, and solo entrepreneurs, alike—are called upon to generate and develop ideas with others, in Session 5 you’ll discover…

  • how to be a more effective and valuable idea contributor, collaborator, and brainstorm participant
  • how to leverage the power of diversity in your group
  • the importance of cross-pollenating ideas
  • the phenomenon of group genius
  • how to become an idea catalyst for others
  • 4 ways to sharpen your creative thinking skills
  • a simple, powerful collaborative idea-building technique guaranteed to get the best idea contributions from each group member

The course includes detailed instructions for 5 different idea generation techniques, proven to help engage your mind in new and different ways… and help you generate bigger, better, more innovative ideas whenever you need them.

And you’ll receive a 36-page, downloadable SmartStormer Course Guide, with valuable…

  • course materials
  • activity worksheets
  • self-assessments
  • action step planners
  • plus detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for the five idea generation techniques you’ll learn in the course 

This guide is sure to become an invaluable reference manual you will come back to time and time again to sharpen your competitive edge.

This program could be one of the most important investments you make in your life-long career or business success.

So, click the green button at the top of this page, and register today for your 1-year subscription to the SmartStormer Innovative Thinking and Idea Generation eLearning program, from SmartStorming LLC. 

Because in business today, you're only as good as your last idea.


Course Time: Approximately 5-1/2 hours

Course Access: $299 per person, for a 1-Year, full-access subscription.



Mitchell Rigie and Keith Harmeyer, are recognized thought leaders on the topics of innovative thinking, creative problem solving, idea generation and advanced presentation and communication skills, and are co-authors of the book, SmartStorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generating Bigger, Better Ideas.  Through their corporate training programs, consulting, speaking and writing, Rigie and Harmeyer have shared their insights and programs with compa­nies like Google, Under Armour, NBCUniversal, Siemens, Diageo, Omnicom Group, WPP and have even been taught to graduate students at the MIT Sloan School of Management.